Training & Working

Training & Working


Vocational Training

With Parzival’s Vocational Training opportunities, we approach work with the premise that real work is meaningful work. We think work becomes meaningful when we are able to turn our passion into a profession, when we are allowed to develop and overcome obstacles on the way to mastery and success, and when we are surrounded by colleagues who offer support, teach us, and learn from us in return. Our work gains further meaning when it enables us to interact and collaborate and to fulfill the needs of others.

Parzival specializes, through its unique relationship with Camphill Soltane, in providing supports in work environments that focus on sustainable, organic/biodynamic horticulture, fiber arts, nutritious food production and preservation, baking, cafe service, estate work and retail services. Camphill Soltane is dedicated to employing practices that nourish and heal the environment, and that generate revenue by offering goods and services to the community at large.

We offer several vocational training opportunities, including: Nature & Growing, Culinary Arts, Arts & Textiles, Hospitality, Drama & Music, and Community Participation. For a full list of our training courses, please click here.


Today's horticulture is about so much more than just growing plants; it's about growing people and tending to our greater social garden, the community. Individuals practice the art of horticulture at Camphill Soltane's Glenmoore estate, where they care for Soltane's extensive apple and berry orchards, and herb and flower gardens. Individuals help create many delicious products including berry jam, apple butter, cider, maple syrup, fire cider and herbal teas.


In Parzival's Textile Design training area, individuals work as weavers, sewers, or screen printers in a collaborative textile design process, creating beautiful bags, scarves, and t-shirts made of natural & organic materials. Every day, all members gather for 15-30 minutes to work creatively with the current inspiration theme. They draw, paint, work with clay, tell stories, learn interesting facts, read books, watch films, and go on field trips to explore the current theme, drawing from the colors, patterns, and images of the theme in the production process. In this way, everyone in the Textile Design training area is involved in the design of their fabrics and prints.


Job Placement

Parzival’s Job Placement program maintains relationships with 16 employers in Chester County, with many opportunities to accommodate people’s varying interests, strengths, and abilities, and offer pathways for personal and professional development.

Parzival’s Job Placement program works closely with Camphill Soltane, which has a core mission to create opportunities for social renewal through a variety of inclusive initiatives. Enterprises owned and operated by Camphill Soltane which Parzival partners with include the Soltane CaféCommunity Arts Phoenixville and Entwine (formerly known as the Soltane Store). These enterprises are all located in downtown Phoenixville, within walking distance of Parzival’s Soltane Bridges homes.


The Soltane Café is first and foremost a social enterprise supporting people with special needs, providing opportunities for people of all abilities to have meaningful work in the Phoenixville community. The Soltane Café offers internships and paid positions in baking and drink preparation. Individuals learn teamwork, respect for each other, and the ability to stay focused on tasks and procedures required for a successful future in the customer service industry.


Entwine is a retail shop, offering natural, locally handcrafted goods such as scarves, pottery, and beeswax candles. Entwine offers both unpaid internships to individuals supported by Parzival as well as paid jobs. An exciting outcome from Entwine are the transferable skills developed by those who intern here. Interns gain professional retail experience and position themselves to acquire paid employment in the future.

Community Arts Phoenixville is a new arts organization in the heart of downtown Phoenixville. The space includes a light-filled, store front gallery, a roomy workshop space, and a large ceramics studio in the lower level. By providing inclusive art-based opportunities for the public, and by hosting events, classes, workshops, and social gatherings, we hope that Community Arts Phoenixville will become central and integral to Phoenixville's community life.