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Emphasizing each individual's potential to contribute and to develop.

Parzival is a non-profit human services provider located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Parzival partners with Camphill Soltane, a community of people and organizations developing resources and facilitating diverse opportunities with adults with intellectual disabilities and autism based on the intention to connect with oneself and each other in the world so that people can live the lives they want.  

Parzival is committed to providing self directed opportunities for young adults and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism to discover their talents and grow capacities so they can take their place in the world as valued contributors.

Parzival focuses, through its unique relationship with Camphill Soltane, on providing supports in a healing, sustainable environment, dedicated to community building and social renewal, with an emphasis on each individual’s potential to contribute and to develop both through engagement with social enterprise as well as the arts and culture.

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Living & Learning

Parzival supports individuals to live as independently as possible, currently in the town of Phoenixville, or at Camphill Soltane’s estate in Glenmoore.  Parzival supports individuals to develop a relationship with activities that bring life-long joy, such as music, art, conversation, and relationships.

Training & Working

Parzival provides dynamic opportunities of experience-based training featuring numerous offerings for skill development.  Parzival also connects individuals with a diverse network of local businesses, many of which are also affiliated with Camphill Soltane.

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Parzival offers living wages to all its staff as well as other benefits which reflect a commitment to a supportive environment for all people.