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Apply for Supports


Application for Supports

Parzival can provide support and opportunities to individuals with a broad range of developmental disabilities. When considering the compatibility between the supports Parzival provides and applicants, the person’s individuality and uniqueness are what we seek to engage; considering questions such as: What does this person want to learn? What sort of experiences would they like to have? How do they want to contribute to the world?  How do they want to live? Compatibility is determined if answers to these questions can be reasonably supported by Parzival.

Our application process is as follows:

Prospective individuals and families are encouraged to fill out and submit an Initial Contact form, which is linked below. Our Support Applications Coordinator will connect with you via email within seven business days to provide feedback and ask any clarifying questions.

If Parzival may be able to provide supports, the individual is asked to submit an application along with other relevant documentation such as the ISP, up to date Physical exam with TB test, and Psychological Evaluation. Once we have received the necessary materials, we would then schedule a meeting with the individual including their family and Supports Coordinator.  The initial meeting will take place in an environment familiar to the individual such as their home, workplace, or volunteer setting.  

Once an initial meeting has occurred, the Support Applications Coordinator will review the documentation and determine if Parzival has appropriate supports available. If so, a tour as well as one half day or one full day evaluation visit will be scheduled.  A final review of documentation and visit feedback will then be conducted by the relevant Directors and Program Specialists, who will then issue a decision along with a proposed start date.

Parzival offers individuals age 21 and over both day and residential supports.  Acceptance is conditional on a mutually agreeable funding plan.  Parzival supports individuals who access funding through PA Medicaid Waivers (Consolidated and P/FDS), Base funding (subject to agreement with a county), and/or private funding.  For privately funded supports a full service fee is set on a yearly basis.

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